Designed by heidi marasigan /
Designed by heidi marasigan /

If the weather’s strange–the trip doesn’t look good–who’re you going to call? Food delivery!

“I can’t count the number of times the food delivery guy came to my rescue. There’s that one time I had a flat tire and couldn’t drive all the way to the restaurant; that other time I emptied the fridge so I could stick to my diet but quickly came back to my senses and ordered a midnight snack. Let’s not forget the time I had a special someone over and promised to make a ‘home-cooked meal’. Let me tell you, friends; not all heroes wear capes.”

Whatever your reason for ordering take-out, we’re here to help.

You’ll be glad to know that it’s not only fast food restaurants that deliver. Thai restaurants deliver as well; some of them at least. There’s a small catch. Unlike fast food restaurants, you’ll probably have to pay for delivery. If you think about it, the extra cost is justified. Fast food chains take more orders per day than any other type of restaurant. They are easily able to offset the cost of making deliveries. We are huge fans of Thai food and think that paying the extra cost to have it delivered is well worth it.

Naturally, our first move would be to try and minimize the cost of getting our food delivered to us. The rule of thumb is that the closer the restaurant, the lower the cost. We wrote an article that gives tips on how to locate Thai restaurants in your vicinity. You may want to have a look at that.

When you have decided which restaurant to place your order with, you have two options on how to proceed. You could place the order using their online portal, or you could make a phone call. Let’s discuss the merits of each.

Online orders offer a great deal of convenience. You don’t have to worry about being misheard, running out of talk-time, or having your food sent to the wrong address. Besides the process of entering your payment details (should you decide to pay immediately), the process is smooth and painless.

Making a phone call may sound old fashioned but we think doing so could pay off in the long run. Interpersonal relationships are at the core of any successful business. Any manager worth his salt will tell you this. He will also tell you that the more personal the mode of communication, the faster such relationships are built. If you’re smart, you can use this to your advantage.

Every time you place an order, make sure the cashier knows who you are. Make sure he knows your name and try your best to remember his as well. In the short time you have, try to establish some form of familiarity or rapport. With time, you will establish yourself as one of the restaurant’s most loyal customers and would have also built a working relationship with some staff at the restaurant. They will be more inclined to let you know about upcoming offers first and offer you complimentary service because they know you. It will take a while but it pays off in the end. Even if it doesn’t, you would have made at least one friend along the way. That’s always a plus.

One final word of advice: when your food arrives, be sure to express your gratitude. Remember, delivery guys are heroes.

Bon appetit.
Oh. One more thing… don’t forget to tip.