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Are you craving Thai food? If you tried any one of the dishes we recommended you’re bound to be. We bet you’ve probably even considered switching to a Thai-only diet. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s first find you a restaurant that’s open this very hour and then go from there.

Naturally, the fastest way to get an open restaurant is to make use of the search tools at your disposal – search engines and mobile applications. Let’s start with search engines. How best can you make use of them?

The first step is to allow your browser to have access to your location. Instead of troubling yourself and trying to locate this setting manually, just navigate to Google maps; if you try to pinpoint your own location, the browser should bring a prompt asking you if you’d like to grant the browser access to your location. Voila.

The second step is to use queries like ‘restaurants open now’. Combining this and the ability to track your location makes for smarter, more refined search results. Google will filter the list of currently open restaurants by their proximity to your current location. Finding out that a certain restaurant is open doesn’t help us much if the place is 5,000 miles away.

On a side note: search engines offer a great deal of flexibility when conducting searches. You could really use this to your advantage. Let’s say it’s not just food you are after. Say you were looking for a cultural experience as well as fine dining. Some Thai restaurants bring a little bit of home with them. What I mean is, regardless of what country the restaurant is operating from, they may still observe some holidays or cultural celebrations from their motherland. If you play your cards right and manage to visit on one of these days, you may get a pleasant surprise – an opportunity to experience authentic Thai culture in addition to enjoying a delicious meal.

Add extra keywords to your search query. Look for ‘specials’, ‘events’ and things of that nature. You may come across something delightful.

Your next option is to use mobile applications. These include the ones recommended in our previous article – how to find Thai restaurants near you. These applications do more than just identify restaurants in your vicinity. They allow a restaurant to set up a company profile; contact details, location, opening and closing times are included in that profile. Another advantage of using mobile applications is that the restaurant information presented on an app is more likely to be up-to-date. Updating information on a website can be a bit more involving than doing the same on a mobile application. Besides that, it is easy for a restaurant to neglect their website especially when their meal selection rarely changes. Mobile applications will, therefore, give you more reliable information in such instances.

Some restaurants do not specify their closing time upfront. This can be a bother. In such cases, you may just have to jot down their contacts and give them a call. There is no need to get your hopes up only to find out that their doors slam shut hours before you even thought of leaving the house. Once you have the restaurant on the line, use that opportunity to enquire about other information you could not obtain from their website.

And there you have it. With these tools at your disposal, you should find an open Thai restaurant in a matter of minutes. If you need help choosing a dish, have a look at this list we prepared just in case. You’ll be glad you did.